Boot Camp Army Crawls

Army crawls on the beach at sunrise!  Working on keeping my bottom down so as not to get shot.  🙂


While it looks like I'm dying and crawling away...

While it looks like I’m dying and crawling away…

Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day Comes to the United States to benefit children in need.

Red Nose Day Comes to the United States to benefit children in need.

2013: Starting Again

It has been a long time since I’ve blogged.  However as I gear back up for boot camp in April – I feel like I have to have some accountability to get back into the swing of things.

Since I last blogged:

  • I tore my rotator cuff with most of Jan-June 2012 out of action.  I was having a “boy moment” and thought I could carry more wood than I could handle.  Rip.  Ouch. 
  • I completed my second Beach Raid.  Came in a few minutes longer than my first time but I finished – that was the saving grace.
  • Had tons of things happen in my personal life.

Given these things it’s time for a new trip.  A journey.  An opportunity to get into that crazy blue box and push myself once again. 

MAP 2011 Day ? of 30

(SIGH!)  I would like to say that things have gone as planned, but this 3rd time round has been most difficult.  The main reason time.  It’s true that we need to make time for ourselves, but my plate has been full beyond what I have been able to manage and outside of me.  I feel very down that I haven’t set a good example in the program like I did in the past.  That said, I have continued on the Elimination Diet, but the exercises are more and more difficult to fit in.  I’m trying – that is the best I can say. 

I’ve tried to make good choices – I had the opportunity and ate at a place called the Cheesecake Factory.  As you can imagine – the desserts are incredible.  Happily, I kept to my salad and said no to dessert.  I’ve had other smaller cravings, but the biggest thing is that I have worked to make sure I don’t cheat as best I can.  All in all, that portion has been good. 

We’ve had a number of storms and the snow is piling up and the snowblower is broken.  So when you shovel for 2+ hours, that’s more lunges, etc – but the snowblower is down and it’s all by hand until the Spring when they go on sale and I’ll look at getting a new one for the coming Winter.  Again, it is the time.  So motivation is hard and so is the time.  The food portion is great.  In fact, when I’ve eaten things that were not on the Elimination Diet – I get a headache and don’t feel good at all.  So that is a great incentive. 

I know we still have about 2 weeks of MAP left and I will continue to work at setting up my exercises – this week we’ve got snow coming down almost every day.  Almost reaching the point where there is no place to put it and my driveway is large.  Thankfully I’ve had incredible help from the family or I’d still be out there and my time would be 6 hours instead of a bit over 2.  It’s happened before. 

I’ve appreciated all the comments and progress folks are making.  I haven’t commented much since I don’t really feel like I’m doing well enough to be offering encouragement to others.

MAP 2011 Day 3 of 30

Three days down.  Yippee!  I’ve been pretty excited that I’ve been able to get back into the swing of things after not exercising for so long.  So with the excitement – comes being sore.  Ugh!  I haven’t felt this type of sore for a while.  I know that it will go away – but for now – it’s here.  Kept up with the 15lb weights and will most likely move to the 20lb ones next week. 

Food continued to be good to handle – no lunches, no cravings calling.  So I’m pleased with that.  One of my biggest challenges – keeping up with the blog.  Seems like I was able to do it easier in the past.  Not sure why – not much has changed in that regard – but here we are.  Tomorrow is a super busy day, but I’ll make sure to publish something.  I’ll look to the weekend to do the pictures and measurements.  All my best to the group in their accomplishments.

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MAP Day 2 of 30

I have to honestly say that the Elimination Diet is going very well.  Great support at home and even the kiddos have jumped on – what a winning combo that is!  Exercises went well – sort of mixed things up a bit – took breaks here and there and did a round of exercises when I got up earlier this morning.  All in all, I was able to complete everything and not be doing exercises late at night.  Yeah!

One thing I have to say, MAP equals food challenge.  Today, second day in – business lunch.  I was able to have a great salad, but still the temptation of the fries/chips and various other naughty goodies were there.  But I did pass them up – so I’m chocking that up to a win.  Interestingly, when I am doing 80% ED, I can turn down sweets and the like, but when I start on MAP – I all of a sudden want to have those items I don’t normally want.  How strange is that?  I wanted hot chocolate today and yesterday.  That never happens.  Looks like it is back to wanting things we can’t have when people say we can’t have them.  🙂

Belief in oneself is one of the most important bricks in building any successful venture ~ Lydia M. Child

Okay, here we go again.  This is my third round with MAP and I have to say the program is successful.  I’ve got to get my measurements and the like done, but I thought I would at least start with my blogging.  I’ve been keeping up with 80% Elimination Diet – it just makes me feel so much better – but this step is to go back to 100%.  Bottom line, I want to really pick up on the exercise.  Due to life, things have really gotten in the way – and my exercise was non-existent from September – December.  Now is the time to start back up. 

Food and exercise went very well today – I can’t believe how much the changes with the Elimination Diet have stayed with me over time.  I’ve made changes that I never thought I would.  So here goes – day one with Dax Moy.